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John 13:34

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." -- John F. Kennedy

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Our Committees and Projects

Thank you for your interest in our community projects.  We invite you to join us in serving our fellow students and our community. 


                        Walk4Wellness     Fun4Wellness                        
  Food4Wellness   Scholarships


Operation Give



Phi Theta Kappa's Alpha Gamma Pi 

Feeding Families Committee 2015-2016


As a Phi Theta Kappa officer at Austin Community College, I have enjoyed chairing the Feeding Families Committee for 3 semesters. I worked with my Co-Chair, Lorena Alanis, and fellow members to raise food for The Storehouse in Pflugerville and The Capital Area Food Bank where we enjoy volunteering and serving our community.


Join an organization like Phi Theta Kappa or connect with FunNation Foundation to get involved and help impact change in our community, while earning service time and having FUN. 

Operation Give


With the Feeding Families being a committee of Phi Theta Kappa, during Christmas 2016, I was inspired by a 10-year-old little girl whom I happen to love. Destiny's school was collecting food and other items for kids in need. We were able to donate 35 cans of food to a local elementary for kids in need. Destiny so desperately wanted to do so much more, and this was the beginning of Operation Give.


Destiny saves her allowance and all money given to buy for others. She is a caring and compassionate little girl with hopes and aspirations of becoming a young entrepreneur that serves others. I hope to help guide her and provide her with the opportunities to live out her passions. 


Moving forward this committee will be collecting healthy snack items, non-perishable food items for families and kids in need, (list of items coming soon)



For many of us making time for our health and well-being usually, falls to the bottom of our to-do list. With all the diets and articles out, the "do this and not that" does become quite overwhelming, confusing and rather frustrating. And I have to disagree with the "one size fits all" label or prescription, none of us are the same when it comes to our body. Only we know what kind of exercise or physical activity we can handle, and we all manage our time and our lives differently.  Of course, we should always be in contact with our physicians and seek their medical guidance, but when it comes to our own personal health and daily decisions, who knows our body best? lol  


While I love technology and all that our devices do for us to advance in our world, I am a big advocate for personal relationships that involve a handshake or a hug, listening to the laughter of family and friends as we share stories. This committee is about connecting and sharing each other's experiences face to face, to discover and try new ideas, and since going to the gym is not for everyone, there definitely are better ways, like playing more and HAVING FUN to improve our well-being.



Balancing our daily schedules can be extemely overwhelming, and I say that from experience. It may not always be a bad thing, especially if you enjoy doing everything you are doing. I love everything I do and I will never stop doing what I love. However, I know that sitting at my desk 8-12 hours a day whether working, managing my home, doing homework, finding recipes, or planning events, it is not healthy to sit too long. Our bodies need to move. This committee meets one-two times a week and sometimes on Saturday to gather with fellow students and families to share our days, struggles, and our joys, and of course to keep our bodies healthy and enjoy the fresh air. :) 



It has been said that being healthy is 80% nutrition and while most of us are overwhelmed by articles and videos about what to eat and not eat, I feel we know our bodies best and know how we feel when we eat poorly.  And I have to admit, it is not always easy to make the healthier choices, but I know we can all do it together. All you need is the willingness to make small changes a little at a time. The hardest for me and I think everyone is being consistent. Most times we let our schedules and daily demands control us, especially for those of us who overload our calendar thinking we can do it all. :) lol Truth is, I love it when I feel good and have more energy and that is why I try every day to do better. 


This committee will be working toward nutrition education, the basics of good nutrition, and how to keep it simple so that it is easier and fun for us to eat well. We will work to volunteer at community gardens, have workshops, cook-offs, healthy cooking classes or demonstrations.  



As a mom who has been laid off 3 times in her working career, been a single mom for a period of time, has experienced the financial struggles when the unexpected happens, and has slowly been working on her education, I know the need for help. This committee is about helping students.


While this organization is slowly getting started, our goals are to help students continue their education by providing support and small scholarships to help with tuition, textbooks, or supplies. We will also be offering scholarships for child care services once a venue is secured, membership scholarships, and for other events that have fees. 

It does not take a lot to make a difference in a persons life, it takes a decision to want to make a difference. "If today you hear his voice, harden not your heart." (Psalm 95, Hebrews 3)

"Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up..." -- 1 Thes 5:11

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